Kehillot Yisrael is transforming the iconic Syrian Orphanage complex into a magnificent and transformative “Beit HaKehillot;” a multi-level museum and media experience designed to tell the story of Jewish heritage, memories, legacies and identity through the woven tapestry of the written word, art and culture, gathered from Jewish communities around the world.

The ongoing conservation and preservation work on the Syrian Orphanage complex, which is considered one of the 100 most important monuments in Jerusalem and given the status of a national project by the Jerusalem municipality, has unearthed the rich history of Jerusalem from the 10th Legion of Rome to the gathering of orphans from the Ottoman Empire, through the British Mandate to the reunification of Jerusalem. From Roman villa to shepherd’s hut, to orphanage to army camp into a meaningful and dynamic celebration of Jewish communities from around the world and throughout history.

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